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Social Media Marketing Planning

Our social media marketing managers really know their stuff when it comes to planning and managing our different client's social media profiles. Whether you want to reach out to potential customers or keep your existing customers engaged, we're sure that we'll be able to provide you with fresh content every week that will manage to do so.

Our social media management services cover all of the leading social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, so from the very first week that we start working on improving your social media presence, your business will be appearing here there and everywhere, making your brand stand out more than the rest of your competitors.

FacebookFacebook Marketing

Facebook is the leader when it comes to social networking platforms with more than 2.6 billion active users in just the first quarter of 2020 alone! Having a Facebook business page that showcases everything you do and engaging with those interested in your products and service offerings is what we do best. Having a dedicated social media manager allows you to focus on running your business whilst all the marketing is done for you!

Whether you simply want someone to manage and monitor your Facebook page or want to begin running some engaging paid advertisements on Facebook, we can help! Discuss your needs with our team today.

Facebook Ads Management

We work with hundreds of different ad types, videos, wordings, platform targeting, and audience demographics. Having Facebook Ad campaigns running is an excellent source of additional enquiries and therefore well worth investing in, even more so for those businesses that have maxed out all they can spend on Google Ads and other paid advertising platforms.


InstagramInstagram Marketing

As the saying goes "a picture paints a thousand words". Instagram is a very photo-centric social media platform, so as long as you have eye-catching content you can really get your audience's attention and build a recognisable brand.

This is where we come in.

Our creative social networking team will work on putting your brand into the front of users screens with content they can't help but engage with, leading to significant growth to your Instagram following. Find out more about our social media services and how we can help you by contacting our office today!

Instagram Ads Management

Instagram Ads are an incredible way to reach your target audience, no matter the size of your business! Due to the large increase of companies advertising on Instagram, it can be increasingly difficult to stand out from your competition.

This is where Dofollow can help. We create hundreds of eye-popping ads, reaching specific groups of Instagram users, chosen by you, targeted effectively by us. Our ads are sure to stand out from the crowd, increasing the level of engagement and converting viewers into customers!

TwitterTwitter Marketing

Twitter is a social network where anything and everything is discussed and one of the most interesting social media networks for businesses to be actively marketing themselves on.

With everything being out in the open for all to see, companies can simply reach out to any Twitter user with appealing content of a maximum of 280 characters.

Twitter is also a platform where clients and the public get to converse about your brands services or products. We recommend Twitter social media marketing for companies wanting to knit close relationships with their audience.


LinkedInLinkedIn Marketing

Where businesses go to meet other business professionals. If your business offers a service that other business owners and employees are bound to want, then this is where you'll want to be advertising.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a little bit more on the serious side of things when it comes to which type of content users like to read (so no cat videos, unfortunately).

There are a lot of business owners and decision-makers on LinkedIn so reaching the right people and at the right time can have a huge impact on your business prospects.

So you may be wondering...

What are the costs involved?

The cost of social media management in the UK can vary by a lot due to the difference in the quality of service provided. Our company, however, would simply need to understand more about what your business offers and what you'd like to achieve for an overall clearer picture.

A lot of other social media management firms simply charge a flat fee, this is without taking into account both the big and small differences between their clients such as industry and specific requirements.

We're better than them.

We'll provide you with a personalised quotation for a social media management service that is tailored specifically for your business. Whether your company based in London or in the beautiful countryside, contact our team today.

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