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The email marketing services we provide are a great way to not only gain new customers from newsletter signups and quote requests but also to re-engage with previous customers of your company.

Email Marketing is worth it

As a company, you want as much growth that is possible and email marketing can be quite often overlooked as a way to bring in additional traffic that leads to additional website enquiries due to the amount of mail that gets into all of our inboxes every day, there is a reason for this though and that is email marketing still works very well to this very day and is an affordable way of promoting your business to those already interested in what you have to offer.

We do not spam our client's email lists, we closely target every email marketing campaign we set up and manage on behalf of our clients.

Smart Tracking

Not only do we implement tracking in the email contents we send out to see where the greatest interest lies, but we can also help your company with the implementation of website tracking, this way you can see how different identifiable users interact with your website from the various email marketing campaigns we send out.

Changes with GDPR

To adhere to the rules enforced by GDPR, email marketing companies in general only work with fully opt-in email subscribers, this includes us as well. If you're struggling to get more potential and existing customers signed up to your mailing list, lead generation is one of our specialities and something we can advise you on. We keep up-to-date with the changes in regards to GDPR to ensure all remains well both for us and our clients.



Want to have a thorough overview of how much traffic a specific email marketing campaign is bringing in? We are very much a data-driven company and can understand the need of wanting to dig deeper into everything, it is for this reason we provide detailed monthly reports with in-depth statistics for our clients.

So you may be wondering...

How much do email marketing services cost?

The cost of having an email marketing company to manage everything for you in the UK can vary by quite a large margin.

Our agency specifically would need to know more about your business and understand what you'd like to achieve with email marketing to provide you with a price for all that you require, whether it be as simple as sending an engaging monthly newsletter or a weekly newsletter as well as a re-marketing campaign.

We will provide you with a quotation that is tailored specifically for your company, contact us today.

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