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"After learning that up to 30% of my potential customers, will click on PPC Advertisements, it was a no-brainer that our business needed to be appearing on there as much as possible to avoid losing out to my local competitors. The team at Dofollow have built multiple PPC Campaigns for us over the years and they have all been very successful in bringing in affordable leads."

PPC Advertising Management

Pay-per-click advertising is a very targeted way of buying traffic to your website that can then end up generating a conversion (enquiry), and is the pathway we recommend our clients take when first getting started with online advertising.

One of the largest benefits of PPC services is that they allow you to advertise your services for the most lucrative keywords and compete directly with other companies on the same platform, even if you have no local or organic presence.

Up to 30% of people will click on paid adverts, due to their prominent positioning on search engines.

Google AdWords & Microsoft Ads

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads work similarly - allowing you to place adverts on their search engines and bid to compete with other companies.

As users make a search query they trigger an internal auction to determine which selection of adverts should show up, between your ads, your competitors - and in which position to place them in. Both Google & Bing's search result pages have a few variations when showing paid adverts, but mostly they appear as the first few results at the top of the page.

You are charged for every unique click made onto your paid adverts, the price per click that you are charged varies depending on where you were positioned at the time of the search and the other competing adverts.

This type of paid advertising requires careful planning to ensure your business is only spending money advertising services or products that you provide and in areas that you're able to cover or supply to. Simply put, you don't want to be paying for clicks that don't have the potential to be providing you with any business.

We set maximum bids per keywords to ensure you don't spend over a certain amount for each ad click. Spend is managed by a daily budget which the platform automatically distributes over the month - this then becomes a factor in how often an advert will show up.

With the constant changes of your competitor's adverts, bids and regular policy changes an account needs to be actively managed to perform to its full potential. Engaging advert copy and relevant content is key to a well-performing account and we're experts at managing pay-per-click campaigns.

Why choose our PPC Company?
  • We've been a Google Partner since it's inception in 2013, as well as a current Microsoft Advertising Partner.
  • Our experience! We've been setting up and managing Google AdWords campaigns plus campaigns on other PPC advertising platforms for many years.
  • We've managed advertising expenditure of more than £1,500,000.
  • We know how to ensure you're getting the most conversions out of your landing pages and can provide you with advice to achieve a better return on investment.
  • We closely monitor our client's accounts, sometimes even checking in on them multiple times a day to make everything is running efficiently as possible.
  • We're a qualified PPC Company that continues to improve our service offerings to the benefit of our current clients.
PPC Reports
Detailed monthly reports

Every month we provide our clients with a highly informative report which includes all of our team's recommendations on how to proceed forward and data from the active ad campaigns for the previous month. If you're using any of the other services that our company provides you will also get the data from those in the same report.

So you may be wondering...

How much do PPC Companies charge?

The cost of PPC management in the UK can vary by a lot due to different pricing models. We specifically, however, would simply need to know more about your business, perform an analysis of your website and understand what you'd like to achieve for a clearer outlook.

Many other UK based pay-per-click agencies simply charge a flat fee, this is without taking into account both the big and small differences between their clients such as industry and specific needs.

We're better than them.

We will provide you with no-obligation pricing information for a pay-per-click management service that is tailored specifically for your business.

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